Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 And 4 in review

These last 2 weeks have been  a reflective time here in our house. The kids have learned that mommy means business( well most of the time).  They have finally buckled down and are doing their work.  We have done field trip to the park, the library and to another homeschooling familys house.  It has been a fun two weeks.

Kathryn has decided to fast track her High School as she is bored so she will be doing extra classes. If she sticks with it she will be all finished by Christmas of 2012 She is excited to maybe be graduating at 16 . She has picked up photography as a new hobby.  Here are a couple of the ones she has taken this week.


Michelle is doing well...plugging along and doing her work and working on her flat people project. Thanks for all who helped the pics and notes have been great. She is learning a lot about the two countries  :)

Alex is actually reading books for fun ( shocking I know!!!). When we went to the library this week he actually took out 2 large books and is actually finished one of them . I am so proud of him. I hope he learns to love reading as much as we do.

So our weeks have been good . Hopefully the next few will be great as well.


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