Monday, September 12, 2011

week in review

Well this week was fun. Lots of work done, lots of reserch on the comp.
It was going great till Thursday when Michelle came to us and said "Look mom I can play connect the dots".

 I looked and the monkey had caught the chicken pox( for the second time).  So we spent a lot of time in the house over the weekend and did a lot of baking and playing.  Alex learned to make biscuits by himself.

And the two of them made muffins to make Michelle feel better.

The older two did their work and looked up new things to research.

 Alex is now good friends with another homeschooling family down the street. This is a good thing. He is a little antisocial.

So our week in review was a good week just long and tiring and we are all very happy Michelle is feeling better  cause I dont think I could take the whining any longer   lol.

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