Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our first day

We decided to start our first day of homeschooling  week early. The children were ready and willing and I was tired of hearing when can we start...lol,  and so our adventure begins.

We have started off easy and have done a lot of review today. Reviews of numbers , math facts and sight words.The children are all going to be keeping daily journals. The children will also be involved with doing a couple of projects this year.

Michelle is doing the Flat Stanly project. We have sent out Flat People to friends and family all over Canada and the US. They will take pictures with our flat family and when the pictures and people come back , Michelle has decided to do a scrapbook about their journey to the different towns and cities.
This is a woonderful project and should keep her busy.With this project we went to the library here in Saint John and Michelle borrowed a couple of Flat Stanley Books to read as well.

Alex is doing his project on Tornadoes.  This is something he is interested in and he wants to learn more. There are a lot of books on tornadoes  from the library, and anything to encourage him to read is a good thing.

Kathryn is doing a lot of independant studing. Finishing her book and stories seems to be her main goal. So she is looking at Math and Science as a close second to finishing all that. She wants to learn about photography and Art . 

It loks like the children and Us are going to be very busy. We will still have time for Family and long walks .  This is the time the children can discuss things and enjoy nature and our beautiful enviroment.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!!

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